Tuesday, August 12, 2008


People often think I don't much care for sports. Not so. I actually spend as much time watching sports than many so-called "sports fans". These fans don't consider what I watch sports - I only follow one NFL team, watch NHL only occasionally, and am actively hostile towards the NBA (too many crybaby showoffs for me) and MLB (again too many crybabys, and, really, zzzzzzzzzzzz ...). I'm living in the wrong country for football (soccer) to count for many, and in the wrong PART of this country to find motor sports as interesting as I do. Every year, though, I have one sporting event that occupies most of my time for 3-4 weeks. This year the summer olympics are on the docket. (The other 3 events are the winter games, FIFA men's world cup, and FIFA women's world cup).

So this is the time that comes around every four years when things that I don't pay attention to most of the time - things like water polo or volleyball - become an all-consuming interest. I bought some pretzels, so I'm all set. If the events I'm interested in all got coverage on broadcast TV (many don't - most painfully soccer) I might actually go 2 1/2 weeks without sleep ...

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