Sunday, November 16, 2008

Falling II

I had hoped to have news from the week just passed. I do, just not the news I'd like to have.

No, this doesn't have anything to do with the last few posts. When Bob Denver speaks I'll let you know.

Huh? Wha? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it :)

But I said I had news. Although it does have something to do with something I said recently, just not what I was talking about. In the big picture, wheels-within-wheels sense.

Remember when I said it had been several months since I had fallen? I said that last time I believe. Make that a few days :(

Wednesday I stumbled, put my hand out for support, and the door I was trying to use as that support wasn't where I thought it was.

So boom. Not really a little boom either. I wasn't telling tales when I said I know how to fall. So I managed to avoid serious injury. Took the fall 90% correctly. That last 10% I messed up pretty badly though.

I didn't mention it, but it is important not to let the momentum of the fall slam your head into the ground. Oops.

Slammed my head pretty hard. Ouch. My bad. No big deal. Didn't knock myself out or anything. Put my hand on the back of my head to scratch an itch and when I brought it down it was covered in blood. Managed to open up a gash on the back of my head when I hit the floor. A gash which required 9 stitches.

But that was the extent of my injury. Not gonna brag about that though. Apparently when I brag about things (like not falling), I'm just inviting them to happen.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Keeping with my trend of posts with the same title as a song but only tangentially related to said song I've titled this post 'Falling'. 'Falling' is the title of the Twin Peaks theme song, at least the version with lyricz. You csn hear it for youself on Julee Cruise's Falling Into The Night album, which includes several songs that appeared in the first season of the show in addition to non-Peaks material. Good stuff.

This is actually the third idea I had for this post. I want to run 'Origin' by someone else before developing it to a shareable state, and 'Begger' was altogether too negative. I'm trying to stay positive. In fact Friday I woke up and said 'It's a beautiful day! The birds are chirping ...' Except it really wasn't and they weren't. But 'It's a dreary day and the late-migrating waterfowl are quacking' just doesn't have the feel-good vibe I was going for.

But if I'm going to use 'Falling' as a title I should really talk about, you know, falling. The other day a coworker said something about falling and I realized I haven't really fallen in several months. I've taken some big falls in the past. Scares the heck out of whomever I'm with at the time. What folks lose sight of though is that I know how to fall. Main thing is to stay loose. When you stiffen up to break the fall is when most injuries occur. Go with what is happening and just try not to conk yourself on the head.

Then you to will be able to fall. Well, physically at least.

Ah, there I've gone and done it again. Implied there might be more to this post than rambling about how good I am at wiping out.

And there is. But I'm not saying what just yet. To paraphrase the Log Lady, someday Maynard G. Krebs will have something to say about this. Or I will that is, using the dialog written for that character.

Doubtlessly most people reading this are now completely lost. Oh well. 3 of my last 4 posts have been about the same general topic. Try to keep up :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

No, not the Arcadia song. That's *reelection* day.

Wowing you with useless facts for 198 or so posts.

This one is no different. But it IS election day here in the US, so I should at least mention that thematically. What to do, what to do. How about just go with both topics?

I'll be up late tonight watching the returns. I do have some idea how it will be turning out, though. Just look at the indicators!

No, not the ones like current polls and stuff. The important but mostly ignored things:

- In the (usually incredibly predictive) Weekly Reader mock election (thousands of elementary school kids participate) Obama won over McCain.

- The Cat Fanciers of America/IAMS pet food contest between Obama's cat and McCain's kitty also went in Obama's direction.

- The Presidential Cookie Recipe contest ended controversially when it was discovered that Cindy McCain did not submit an old family recipe at all, but rather cribbed from a recent issue of a magazine. Why the media ignored cookiegate I can't understand. But at any rate: point Obama.

- Probably one of the most accurate predictors of presidential elections has been the performance of the Washington Redskins football team in the game prior to the election. If they win, the candidate from the current president's party is victorious. If they lose the other party nabs the White House. This pattern has been 94% accurate.

The 'skins lost Sunday.

But whatever the signs and portents I wish everyone participating in this election luck. Unless I disagree with your candidate. Then I wish you tremendous disappointment. :)