Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There are Owls in the Roadhouse

"We don't know what will happen or when, but there are owls in the Roadhouse" - Margaret (Log Lady), Twin Peaks episode 14, "Lonely Souls"

I had several titles in mind for this post. I went with the Twin Peaks reference. The next 2 posts are also Peaks-related (in part at least) and I figure, hey, why not make a trilogy?
Episode 14 was very much about expectation and anticipation. In the weeks running up to the episode ads trumpeted "Laura Palmer's killer - revealed!" In a scene that is simultaneously one of the most compelling and one of the most disturbing moments ever seen on scripted network TV, the killer is indeed revealed.

To us. The viewers.

Within the universe of the show, though, there is just the expectation of something happening - series lead Dale Cooper is even told as much at one point ("It is happening ... again.") What, where, and when are never revealed to those within the story, at least not yet.

I'm in a similar place. Something is about to happen. Not sure what. Not sure when. It's been slowly unfolding, just like the plot of Twin Peaks. The players are taking their places.

There are owls in the Roadhouse.

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