Saturday, January 26, 2008

No Boobies

Folks who don't know me very well may look at the title of this post and think I'm going to talk about breasts.

Folks who know me a little better will know my love of wordplay and passion for birds and guess I am going to talk about the tropical and neo-tropical sea-birds called boobies.

Folks who know me even better, well aware of my overactive fascination with the female gender and my underactive capacity for embarassment, may guess breasts again.

They'd be right.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Wikipedia article about birds I linked to up there, but you won't need anything discussed in it. I saw a news piece that got me thinking about the OTHER possible topic (and to be honest, it really doesn't take much to steer my mind in that direction).

The news piece was on the Packer Bikini Girls. The PBG are a small group of female fans of the Green Bay Packers football team that have hit upon a novel way to get national television coverage when they are at Lambeau Field (Packer's home field) supporting their favorite team. When they think a camera shot is immenant, they shed whatever coat they may be wearing, revealing bikini tops.

Really this is just a variation on the "shirtless guy" that seems to show up for pro football games. There is a difference though. The "shirtless guy" often looks like he has never met a sit-up he liked, and has never met a can of beer he did not. On the other hand, the PBG are attractive college aged women. Much more appealling for most folks (not all apparently, since some guys whom I suspect have alot in common with "shirtless guy" go out of their way to express otherwise).

At this year's NFC championship game, the PBG were at Lambeau to support the Pack. A camera sweep of the Lambeau crowd showed them, holding signs and wearing color-coordinated bikinis.

"Big deal", I can hear you say. Well, there is something about that game that adds a little interest. It was the 3rd coldest game in NFL history. The air temp at game start was -2F. Windchill closer to -20F. Lambeau is an outdoor stadium. The reaction of the game commentator: "oh my".

This little display of team spirit garnered the PBG regional and national media attention. There was even talk of a piece in Maxim magazine (since revealed to be just talk. Maxim apparently is going for the "shirtless guys" and silicone lovers of the world).

Which brings us to the title. The PBG made it known if they were to do a photo shoot they would not appear in less than their now famous bikini tops. So folks, no boobies.

Well, they'd be there. They're kinda attached. Just not bare.

Which wouldn't bum me out at all.If I ever write a book of sayings like Mao did one of them will be "an attractive woman is just a little more so if she puts some clothes on".

From the title you may have been expecting something a little more scandalous. I've barely mentioned boobies at all.

Well, the story which caught my interest really doesn't have much to do with breasts. And I've kinda got a progressive, sensitive guy rep to uphold.

So the title was maybe a little misleading. How naughty of me to mislead you like that. Digging myself into a hole.

Yes, I've been a naughty boy. Might need some stern ladies to discipline me. Make sure I never do it again.

Which reminds me of another saying for my imaginary book:

"You can't dig youself in to a hole so deep you can't dig it a little deeper ..."

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