Saturday, January 19, 2008

You Gotta Have A Thing

You gotta have a thing.

I should put that more clearly. 'Thing' could be, well, ANYthing. So, an example.

I formerly worked in retail with collectibles. My specialty was comic books. Many of my coworkers dealt with sports cards. Customers assumed thay all had collections with all the 'hot' items ... But no, not on purpose anyway. My coworkers for the most part had collections with a 'thing' - a reason for the collection outside the items in it being 'today's big thing'.

One guy collected cards from players with rude sounding names. Another football cards with players with bad afros.

Me? I didn't buy much in the way of sports cards, but I definately have specific things I look for in comics.

Of course, it would be pretty boring for the reader if I started listing them.

Ah heck, it's my blog. So there.

I pick up (or did when I was more active in the hobby) specific titles (Birds of Prey, Strangers in Paradise, many others), fill out titles I have partial runs of (if I have #1-#4 it is a pretty good bet I'll buy #5), appearances of specific characters (Batgirl, Supergirl, many others), certain cover art themes or images (swimsuits - but only on Archie Comics titles, bridal dresses/weddings, people carrying signs in protest of something), story themes (anti-communist, pretty much any stab at 'relevant' storytelling), genres (romance, teen humor) ...


You probably noticed a common theme in most of these. Yeah, I kinda get interested in the gender I am not. Occasionally someone will imply there is something sordid or unhealthy about this.

But ya gotta have a thing. Afros, inuendo-names ... whatever. Something that elevates the stuff you own beyond a mere accumulation.


Kind of a flow going that connects the last few posts. So of courseI break that next post with something completely different. Then after that big announcement.


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