Saturday, February 9, 2008


Having the flu stinks.

It gets really interesting when you have health issues to begin with. Weak muscles? I kinda have that going on anyway. Poor balance? Just add to what I experience anyway, Mr. Flu.

So I came down with the flu 4 days or so ago. To paraphrase Popeye, I've slept all I can sleeps, I can't sleep no more.

Aah, that's a lie. I CAN sleep more. The flu sort of guarantees that.

Oh well, I am feeling better. Might actually eat a gen-u-wine meal tonight.

Getting better. But not happy about picking up the virus in the first place.

Stupid virus. Doesn't even have the decency to have a complete cell structure.


1 comment:

Jason said...

That sucks bro.

I did giggle at you characterization of the virus.....