Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

No, not the Arcadia song. That's *reelection* day.

Wowing you with useless facts for 198 or so posts.

This one is no different. But it IS election day here in the US, so I should at least mention that thematically. What to do, what to do. How about just go with both topics?

I'll be up late tonight watching the returns. I do have some idea how it will be turning out, though. Just look at the indicators!

No, not the ones like current polls and stuff. The important but mostly ignored things:

- In the (usually incredibly predictive) Weekly Reader mock election (thousands of elementary school kids participate) Obama won over McCain.

- The Cat Fanciers of America/IAMS pet food contest between Obama's cat and McCain's kitty also went in Obama's direction.

- The Presidential Cookie Recipe contest ended controversially when it was discovered that Cindy McCain did not submit an old family recipe at all, but rather cribbed from a recent issue of a magazine. Why the media ignored cookiegate I can't understand. But at any rate: point Obama.

- Probably one of the most accurate predictors of presidential elections has been the performance of the Washington Redskins football team in the game prior to the election. If they win, the candidate from the current president's party is victorious. If they lose the other party nabs the White House. This pattern has been 94% accurate.

The 'skins lost Sunday.

But whatever the signs and portents I wish everyone participating in this election luck. Unless I disagree with your candidate. Then I wish you tremendous disappointment. :)

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