Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brave New World II

... And now we continue 'Brave New World' ...

When I posted the first part of this I had a number of things in mind to mention ... and of course I've now forgotten most of them. Oooooooops.

One thing I haven't forgotten isn't really a 'new' thing at all. More a 'relatively rare as of late' type thing. I've been posting about it for two months now. Pay attention :).

[Specifics redacted. Simply put, I'm crushing on someone ... ]

Yeah, I'm 38. "38 year olds don't have crushes" you might say. Well, you call it what you want. 'Mature attraction' or whatever. I'm callin' it a crush.

That's not the 'rare' part. Hey, I am human after all. And rather fond of the ladies to be honest. The 'rare' part is: I have this crush or whatever and it actually feels good. That hasn't happened in a while. For a good long time if I got too interested I'd paint myself into a fairly dark and unpleasent place.

But I'm enjoying this. Someday I'll have to post about WHY I am intrigued by this woman, but not today. Wanna see what, if anything, sprouts up first. And I haven't really given Bob Denver a chance to speak yet ...

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