Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brave New World

I'm taking a day of vacation from work right now. Formerly we had to request the day off a week in advance, but thanks to a procedural change we can now make same-day requests. Which worked well for me today, since I would have otherwise had to take a sick day. Yesterday was a little stressful, the result being a LNF (Leg Not Functioning) day.

Actually yesterday was a decent day with one small issue to it. I went to the doctor to get my stitches removed (so I'm now stitches free!). That went really well. I had everything set up in advance (vacation, ride, etc...) so no stress there.

Until Tuesday night. My transportation provider calls my home phone to leave messages with my ride times. Only Tuesday my home line was down unexpectedly (don't know why - it's fine now). So I didn't know for sure that my ride would work out. It did, but I had ample time to get worked up about what could have happened.

Normally I would have had time Tuesday night to check up on things, which would have avoided the stress. Last Tuesday, however, I got home too late. I had gone to Best Buy (a home electronics store) after work instead of straight home. With all the waiting involved in getting this extra stop to work with the transportation folks I wasn't able to find out my ride times until the day I needed them. Unpleasent.

The reason I had to go to Best Buy on the other hand was very, very pleasent. I've realized - and this is new - that I can buy things at and pick them up at the store. Eliminates most of the hassle involved in shopping there. And as long as I was there I picked up Batman: The Dark Knight on DVD. Haven't watched it yet (too busy playing with the stuff I picked up online), but I'm really looking forward to it.

I said 'playing with the stuff I picked up online' but that isn't entirely accurate. Most of what I picked up was writable DVD media, more of an 'office supply' type thing than a toy to play with. But I also picked up a mp3 player, something I rather inexplicably didn't own. Nice little doohickey, a 2 GB Sansa Clip. And to paraphrase the Bard:

O brave new world, that has such gizmos in 't.

---To Be Continued (Because I'm Outta Time!)---

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