Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Get It

I was watching some MMA the other day, and one guy had a chinlock on his oppenent and was (I guess) trying to work into some kind of submission hold. The commentator said "what he should do is hit [the other guy] on the side under the armpit." Why should he do that, I wondered?

Well, I found out.

The next day I was getting out of bed and fell on a box, hitting myself on pretty much that exact spot. Winded me for 2-3 minutes, hurt like the dickens, and I still can't cough or sneeze without experiencing spasms of pain in the area.

So if you get in a barfight or something, I highly recommend the upper side as a target.

Other things I've gotten recently in addition to an understanding of why the upper side is a good target:

We Are The Pipettes US release

First full-length from this group released in the US. About a year after coming out in the UK, and it really should have been released earlier, but at least its out now. Lesson for the RIAA here: I have 13 of the 14 tracks here in one form or another already. Didn't stop me from SCHEDULING VACATION so I could pick up this disc on release day. Track-by-track review later.

Hey, I didn't put a link there.

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