Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Symbolic, I Guess

I mentioned earlier that I picked up We Are The Pipettes pretty much on release day (OK, day after). Probably won't surprise anyone that there is more to the story than "Hey, Dave bought a CD".

There are a few angles in the whole event that I can spin into a blog post. I've pretty much been beating into the ground WHAT was purchased and WHY. I'll continue to do that. Trust me :)

But there is a bigger aspect here. What I didn't buy.

I'm sort of continually financially strapped.. That hasn't changed. I had this gift card I won at work a few months ago and used part of that. There was only half of the original value left, since I had used it back then to pay for one of my once semi-weekly runs to the comic store.

I had fully intended to exhaust the card with another comics run. When I'm hitting on all cylinders I can easily blow through $150/month just picking up new issues.

But then I got smacked with a shovel. Everything with transportation and such really kicked me into survival mode. I pretty much abandoned things like comics. Things that were a pretty big part of my life.

Well, I survived. But didn't neccesarily go back to the way things were before my trial by fire.

Long ago (relative time) on this blog I 'fessed up that music was really my first passion. It's back - big time. I'm more like I was before college, in the 80s-early 90s, when exploring the music I love - and exploring new music - was foremost.

It's not a regression - Regress No Way! - so much as a reshuffling.

Of course this 'rediscovery' has been helped immensly by the fact that We Are The Pipettes is the best NEW album I've heard in many a year.


Kenny Scott said...

It's not a "new" album, though; it's over a year old to us Brits ;)

Have they played gigs stateside yet?

Dave said...

Yeah, and sort of got a rep as a great 'summertime' type of album. So of course it is released here in the Fall. ?