Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Actual headline from

'McCain, Obama Avoid Same-sex Marriage'

Glad to hear it. I mean, both are already married. There are Cindy and Michelle to think of. And the kids. Think of the kids. Not to mention come November somebody's gonna lose. AKWARD.

Then I read the article. Turns out the pair just aren't talking about the issue, not avoiding getting hitched. BORING.

The 'issue' seems a no-brainer to me anyway. Two people love each other and want to make a lifetime commitment. And this is bad because?

Oh yeah, that book. You know the one. The one that forbids eating pigs? The one that says 'love thy neighbor' is the greatest commandment of all? Seems to me someone is missing the forest for the trees ....


Yes, I know the bit about pork is 'Old Testament' (as are, incidentally, many of the bits quoted to make a case for exclusively male/female marriages) and the 'love thy neighbor' bit is 'New'. And no one need point out that I myself choose not to eat pig corpse. Never said otherwise ...


Just about the most explicitly political post I've made to this blog! At least until next week ...



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