Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sexy Librarian

The post title is redundant, I know.

I can't seem to escape that phrase nowadays. A fair amount of the coverage of Republivan VP candidate Sarah Palin uses it. Much to the (phony sounding) outrage of the McCain/Palin campaign.

A television ad from that campaign calls Democrats to task for "dismissing" Palin as "good-looking". An issue was made of Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden using the word "pretty" to describe Palin.

First off, how is that dismissive? Second off, does no one in that campaign have eyes? Palin is good looking. The folks that have caused a run on the brand of eyeglass frames Palin wears aren't thinking "gee, I like Palin's ideas on energy policy and thus must dress like her". The folks googling (no, Senator McCain, 'googling' is not an alternative lifestyle choice) for "Palin bikini" probably are not primarily interested in her views on foreign policy.

I don't know of anyone dismissing Palin because she is attractive. Except for in the claims in the complaints of outraged Republicans doing a poor parody of 30-year old feminism and media outlets looking for a controversy, I haven't heard anyone say "Palin is attractive, therefore we need not pay attention to anything else about her".

If I made a list of things I find physically attractive in women, Palin has many characteristics that would appear on that list. Which means absolutely nothing when it comes to the election (remember the election, folks?) Because I don't vote on the basis of who I like looking at.

POSTSCRIPT: In poking around doing research for this post I stumbled across an interesting fact. According to sex professionals (I'm not sure who that entails exactly), 'librarian' is the second-most common role they are asked to play in domination role play. I don't quite get it myself. "These books are due in 3 weeks ... you naughty boy"?????? I know why *I* think librarians are sexy. Someone who devotes their entire life to books? Drooool.

I guess them other guys must be some kinda freaks. Or something. :)

POSTSCRIPT 2: 'Teacher' was #1.



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