Thursday, September 18, 2008


I checked out the two major presidential candidates' web sites today and was a little disappointed. I was primarily looking for agricultural policy information (not because I don't already know how I'm voting, but it is one of my bigger concerns ...) McCain doesn't seem to mention it at all. Obama mentions it under the heading 'Rural Issues'. Uhhhh ... Senator Obama? Us folks in the city eat food too. So we have an interest.

Nice there was mention of the issue, though. Obama also gets points for mentioning cellulosic ethanol. I prefer a biodiesel solution myself, but its nice to see something beyond sloganeering ...

But of course he looses points for pandering to the hunting lobby. I'm realistic about not wanting to alienate those folks, but ...

McCain gets minor bonus points for highlighting NASA and space science. To be honest this is a very minor issue compared to trade or something, but still nice to see some attention to it. The counterweight is Palin's stated desire to have the Christian creation story studied alongside Darwinian evolution in science class. (That whole deal is a blog post of its own!)

Over all I didn't see anything earthshattering. Nice break to see mainly issues discussed though. I can only stand a certain amount of outrage and thin-skin before I just sort of tune out ...



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