Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

I had a big digression here on Naked Mole Rats. Not important, though, so I got rid of it. They're rodents that exhibit social behaviors usually associated with bees and wasps and such. Really interesting critters, but not what this post is about.

'The owls are not what they seem' is a catch phrase from the TV show Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks was once my favorite TV show, although today Babylon 5 gets that honor. At least seasons 2-4.

One thing of note about Peaks: it is virtually impossible to be romantic immediately following an episode. At least for me. Good episodes leave me with a vaguely unsettled feeling. Pleasurable but not conducive to romance.

Another thing: the show was a David Lynch project. Others were of course involved, but Lynch pretty much set the tone and built the story. One of Lynch's favored themes is a dichotomy between appearance or impression and what is seen when one looks a little deeper or knows a little more.

When I write I am often pretty heavily influenced by Lynch and his approach to theme. Take this humble post as an example. I haven't said diddly about owls. That's because (just like I'm not talking about rats) I'm not talking about owls. Or Twin Peaks for that matter.

So what am I talking about? Same as last post. Part of the fun is figuring it out. Or not figuring it out.

After all, the owls are not what they seem.

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