Saturday, June 30, 2007

100 Worst Cover Songs ... EVER

Over at RetroCrush a list of the 100 worst cover songs just wrapped up. I didn't have a chance to contribute, so glad to see one of my picks - Madonnas simply awful cover of "American Pie"- made the list at #5. Would have liked to see Bananarama's cover of "Help" on the list though. I like Bananarama, but their version of "Help" is pretty painful.

Best cover ever? Easy. "I Love Rock and Roll", Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Generally people don't even know it is a cover.

Best cover (music geek edition)? "Fever", (Little) Nell Campbell. I've only seen this on a bonus disc from the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie soundtrack box set. Lush, seductive, a little bit creepy. Just like good love songs should be.

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