Thursday, June 7, 2007

Weather (Climbin')

Dang it. Just when I was starting to see the summit a storm brews up. Can't see much -- too cloudy.

Ah well. Perhaps it is for the best. Gives me a chance to get better situated for my final advance.

[Note from the non-metaphorical real world: the weather WAS a factor in this little pause in progress. Last night we had a severe thunderstorm roll through about 2 AM. First time I've seen one that major that late. Consequently, I'm running on about 2 hours sleep. Not a good situation. That'll mess you up even if you don't have MS. So, when my ride was too sick to take me to a driving evaluation I had scheduled I was actually a little relieved I had good reason to reschedule.]

And now for something completely different ...

99 posts on my blog,
99 posts on my blog,
If Blogger should crash,
Make recent posts trash,

Then ...

98 posts on my blog

And so on.

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