Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've 'fessed up to being a pro wrestling fan here before. One of the wrestlers I've always enjoyed has been Chris Benoit. Benoit always had the ability to put together a very entertaining match, even when working with someone less talented. Chris was a great athlete and wrestler.

He was also a murdeer.

This past Friday Chris Benoit strangled his wife Nancy.

On Saturday he asphyxiated his son Daniel.

On Sunday he commited suicide, hanging himself.

What personal demons drove him to this? We don't know. To those media outlets falling over each other in a rush to explain it as an extreme case of 'roid rage I repeat: we don't know.

What I at least know: to some extent we all have demons we have to dance with. The choice is ours. Do we lead the dance or give up control to darkness?

I chose to lead. Chris Benoit unfortunately chose surrender.

Whenever a tragic situation occurs we often seek some cosmic meaning in it all. Something beyond the 'just the facts' sense. So what does the past weekend MEAN?

To me, there is now discomfort in what was formerly a very enjoyable activity: watching a Chris Benoit match. To Nancy's parents, loss of a daughter and grandchild. In the big cosmic sense?

Not a damn thing.

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