Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fear of driving

It was just an extreme dislike of driving. But now, thanks to the stupid snow we got in Minnesota (and the consequences) it is full-fledged fear.

So why is the title a takeoff on an early 70s sexual revolution classic? Dunno. Guess it is like the Lois Lane story "Black: I Am Curious". Just like the sound of it. And I am foreshadowing a future post. Nothing more.

I won't actually discuss fear of driving any further. It is just too prominant in my mind right now. This kind of blows this entire post, but oh well.

Short version: fear is a very real emotion for me. Jumping at my own shadow is something I experience a lot.

Oh well. Rise above.I know.

Of course, my already jittery nature is only exacerbated by MS. Think it sounds frightening to wake up and not know if you'll be able to walk to the bathroom to prepare for the day ahead? Try doing it every single day.

Told you it was gonna get dark in here...

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