Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Passions (4: Comics)

A day early, but oh well.

A bit abbreviated, but even just this was difficult to write. Lots of unresolved issues. Still feels a bit raw.

Up until recently Wednesday was just about my favorite day. You see, Wednesday is new comic day.

I can't remember the first comic I ever read. I remember issues of Amazing Spider-man, Captain America, and Batman, though. The specific issues were not that memorable, but I must have liked them because I read comics on and off after that.

Until 92.. Then my comic interest switched on in a big way. And by big, I mean BIG. I picked up Sandman Mystery Theatre #1 and was hooked. My collection now runs at 7000+ issues. They range in date from the 30s to a few months ago. So what happened?

Well, first it's a pain to get to the store. Sure, there are plenty of mail order places, but that misses out on some of the social aspects of the weekly journey. Second, I feel guilty buying comics. I've had it pounded into my head that I shouldn't be doing something just for fun (after all, I have a disease) to such an extent that I feel bad, whether I want to (or even think I should) or not.

People doing the pounding have ignored what comics mean to me. I love reading them, reading about them, putting together sequential runs of them (if I have 1-4 of something, I have to make an effort not to buy 5, even if 1-4 weren't so great). I've gone through some bad times where I HAD to keep going, because how else will I find out what is in the next issue?

I guess some don't see that. Apparently they can't distinguish between a little hobby to fill up the hours and a passion.

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