Saturday, March 10, 2007

THUNK: Begining of the end (Caught in a pit)

I discussed 'THUNK' earlier in this blog ...

You may have been expecting an entry for 'Passions 3'. It's coming. I'm feeling less than chipper and missing the 'sweet spot' between too good a mood to write it and too bad a mood. Those entries are tough to write and just not feeling up to it right now.

As often happens, a bad mood gets me reflective. And when I get reflective I often reinterpret things or see them in a new light. So lets go back ... a long while.

At the time we're traveling back to I was dating a woman named Beth. We broke up long ago, and any baggage from that was taken care of not quite that long ago, but long ago still. Whenever a relationship ends it is only natural to work through 'why', and we did that. The reasons were not a mystery, but I never really had a moment in mind that signaled the BEGINING of the end. I have one now.

Humans tend to look for signature moments that define eras. Thus we say the 60s ended at Altamont, or the Bronze Age of comics begins with Giant Size X-Men #1. The story of me and Beth begins to end at a Fugazi show.

We stood fairly close to the stage. I'd been to my share of shows and stood us in a spot I was comfortable with. When a pit started forming around us, I was still well within my comfort zone. Heck, I enjoyed it. I've always been able to hold my own in a pit.

Beth on the other hand ... If you're not familiar with it and not expecting it, I would imagine a pit can be a pretty frightening place. Never would have said it before this afternoon, but I think that experience had a big effect on her image of me.

I'm not saying that show caused our relationship to sour. Heck no. But, reflecting on it (and you know I'm in a bad mood when I'm thinking about stuff that happened over a decade ago) quite surely it is a key moment.

Tomorrow Passions 3. I think.

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