Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Bunny Story

A vignette more than story.

But still we pack 3 protagonists into it, short as it may be.

First, of course, is me. It's my blog after all. I play the dispassionate observer. Funny how often that happens. For such an emotional guy, that is. Just watching and making a hypothesis.

Second, the observed. The bunnies. (Hop hop). At one time, they would ... cavort ... doing bunny stuff ... on the empty field near my workplace. I'd watch their antics while I was waiting for the short bus to take me home each evening.

Third, a hawk, the villian of the tale. Although there really isn't a villian. This isn't a fable. Critters are not moral agents, for the most part. (Anyone who has lived with a dog who pooped on the floor because he felt slighted knows what 'for the most part' means.)

So now we have the observer, the observed, and a third party. The observation: I haven't seen the bunnies in a while.

The hypothesis:

The hawk ate 'my' bunnies.

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