Sunday, September 2, 2007

What are you listening to?

My coworker Amber has a blog. One thing about her host that is really neat is that you can tell readers what music you've been listening to. I mean, I could do that too, but on her host it is 'built in'. This inspires me to let all of you out in the blogosphere in on what I'VEbeen listening to. That, and the fact that I've just learned how to embed YouTube video on here and want to play around with that.

First, the guys. Probably 3/4 of what I listen to has female vocals. Except hardcore/punk/whatever. Some of myf avorites in that genre have the ladies front and center (FUAL for one, and I'd be surprised if that is NOT the first mention of that group on the net ...) But anyway, older Bad Religion has been in my CD player as of late.

Here is some:

Now it's the ladies' turn. The angelic voices, the dulcet tones of female vocalists ...

That will seem really funny at the end of the post.

I already linked to one Pipettes tune - here is another.

And we can't forget Patti Smith. A few posts ago I asked how I got to be 37 and not own any Patti Smith stuff. I've since rectified that situation, and Patti is in fairly heavy rotation on my personal playlist. Here is a low-key vrsion of my favorite song:

And finally some Arch Enemy. Normally I dislike 'I just gargled with Draino' vocals, but ...

So what's the common thread? These songs inspire dancing, or at least motion. Well, that Patti Smith one not so much. But one of her few chart 'hits' was about dancing ...

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