Sunday, September 9, 2007

What are you listening to II? (Ants)

It wasn't accidental that I left off last entry mentioning that Patti Smith song. But hold on to that thought ... I have other concerns for the moment.

None of those concerns have to do with ballet. "to II". "tutu". Get it? But I'm not playing. Completely an accident.

But, anyway, welcome to yet another rambling music-related entry. It's just like school except hopefully more entertaining.

Speaking of school-type stuff, I learned this week that 102 species of ants are recognized as regular residents here in Minnesota! 102! Amazing, because I can vaguely come up with 4: little black ones, little red ones, medium-size black ones, and big (for an ant) black ones. What is out in the world we live in never ceases to amaze me. Guess I hung on to that sense-of-wonder we all had when we were much younger Sometimes this stuff just makes me stop and go "whoa" ...

I realize I'm pushing the envelope on "interesting" here.

I said I was gonna talk about music, not ants. But my computer is running hot. Think I have to lay off here and figure out why ...

Oh, yeah. Pipettes.

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