Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gore Gore Girls/Fun Fun Fun


I should be all over this band like white on rice. Just look at some highlights from reviews posted by their record label:

"Rollicking girlie guitar-and-handclaps in the vein of Holly Golightly, the Chalets and the Pipettes." Playboy

"Detroit garageists sound like the gum-popping, guitar-toting granddaughters of Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys?" USA Today

"While the Raveonettes have successfully reawakened the dreamy, girl-group soulfulness of the ?50s and ?60s, the Gore Gore Girls are here to remind us there was a raw, rebellious side to that era as well. Get the Gore is a rollicking blast from the past ? a sound like go-go dancers emerging from the garage." Nuvo Weekly

A couple of notes here:

I've never heard The Chalets. Looks like I have some homework to do.

The Raveonettes did a show in Minneapolis. I checked out samples of them on the net, was unimpressed, decided against going. I'll look again, though.

Notice the Playboy review mentions my current musical obsession The Pipettes.

I guess "50s and 60s" is technically correct for girl group, but the 50s part - well, really late 50s.

But I'm not a huge fan yet. Not a detractor, just not a fan. Intrigued enough to keep listening, though.


So I'm buying a cellphone. I'm always on top of this sort of thing :) Figuring out WHAT I'm getting, within the constraints that I have, has been quite a bit of fun. Think I've settled on the Cingular 8125 (which is a rebranded HTC Wizard ...) Looks like I'll be able to do pretty much everything I want it to do. Making phone calls is not very high on the list of wants, but pretty high on the list of needs.


So, this post needed to be more in the light/happy vein. Why? The next post is kind of a downer again. It happens. And I've experienced Daffy Duck levels of frustration this past week. Even so, my primary concerns have been with the music I listen to and the cellphone I'm picking up, so there ya go.

'Perspectives' is next.


Kenny Scott said...

Holy crap! Your Cingular 8125 puts my Nokia 6300 to shame! Still... I only need to use my phone for making calls. You'll be able to cook a meal with yours, I suspect!

Jason said...

Why must we wait for the darkness??????


Dave said...

See, I NEED a cellphone for those times that I need to make a call but am not near a phone. Like if my bus fails to pick me up, that sort of thing. But I WANT one to write applications for it (mainly for keeping track of my collections in a portable way). Yeah, I'm kinda a geek sometimes :)