Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Part three

I keep waffling on what I want to call this post. 'Part three' is the choice of the moment.

I had been counting down to something. I think I screwed up the math occasionally, but made sure to get it correct the last few days, since I was counting down to today. October 1st.

October 1 is the day I became a vegetarian. More or less. Since I don't remember the actual day I've just sort of assigned it to October 1st. It was late September or early October, so the margin of error is pretty insignificant.

Most years I really don't notice. It's the way I eat and I don't really think about it overly much anymore. The decision was made some time ago and it's pretty much a foundation of my self identity now.

I said some time ago. Quite some time ago. 1989 to be exact. 19 years ago. I'm 38. You do the math :)

This year is kinda a landmark. Half my life. Every day from here on will be another day more living as a vegetarian than not. Thus 'Part three'.

So I took a day of vacation off work to just have a relaxing day away from the day-to-day junk I have to deal with. I'm pretty much blowing the 'relaxation' bit. Oh well. Since my October 1 date is an approximation I have a little wiggle room to declare the next day I relax a little more to be the REAL halfway point.

I could start another countdown. Something I should get done, and starting a say 14 day countdown might encourage me to actually do it. That'd make me feel pressured though. I'll just commit to blogging about it eventually ...

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