Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plow to the End of the Row

I try to limit music references to my music blog, but (obviously) don't succeed. The music I listen to is just too big a part of my life. The title of this post for example is also the title of an album I've been listening to a lot lately (the first from Adrienne Young - a few years old at this point, but I just got it recently).

One thing I find attracive about Young is her outspoken advocacy on agricultural issues. It is a little depressing that neither major party presidential candidate has addressed these issues much. At least not directly. Many of the issues they DO talk about have a strong if unspoken food issue component. Very strong in the case of energy.

I've been at least somewhat involved in food/agricultural issues for a good long while. And I'm not just talking about the fact that I (like many others) eat. When I was at the University of Minnesota (early 90s) I was a member of a student group that advocated more sustainable agriculture.

And I've mentioned before my heritage. I don't get all googly about it, but I am proud of the fact that many of my predecessors were farmers. Think of all the 'greats' you read about in history books. My ancestors - my people - were the ones who enabled those 'great deeds'. Hard to do great things if you've starved to death.

Agriculture is a rich source of metaphor as well. Take 'plow to the end of the row'. You have to see things through. It's not always easy or fun or comfortable. But you do it. If you don't, the seed won't set and sure as heck won't grow. Never get to see what sprouts.

Yep. Pretty fine metaphors.

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