Friday, February 16, 2007

3 Sodas From the 80s ....uh ... and 70s

Short list today:


3 - Rondo

This was a citrus soda from the late 70s. I don't remember much else about it, other than I really liked it. It was from a major manufacturer, I believe.

2 - Orbitz

No, not the travel web site. This non-carbonated beverage came in a variety of fruit-based flavors. The gimmick here was each bottle had balls of (I think) tapioca floating in it. You can still find soy drinks using the same gimmick in Asian groceries. A really fun experience. The tapioca balls were an attention grabber.

1 - Surge

Or should I say SURGE! Another citrus-flavored drink. Heavily promoted circa 90-91. Sort of on the 'energy' bandwagon, but predating that trend in this country at least. I still wear my Surge t-shirt, and someplace have a keychain that says "SURGE!" when you press a button.


Jason said...

Surge was around in '97-'98, not '90-'91.


Dave said...

My bad. I got my Surge paraphanelia on campus at the U of M, I thought in the early 90s, but it had to have been my second tour there in the late 90s, since it wasn't even introduced until 97.

Incidentally, despite the title NONE of these sodas actually date from the 80s.

Jason said...


You got your Surge paraphanelia from ME.

I got it when I went to the UofM.

They had a promotional van playing annoying music and they has several video game machines set up.

They were giving away shirts and key chains.
I gave the ones I got to you.


Dave said...


That would explain me not actually remembering getting the stuff, yet having it.

I do recall getting Surge out of vending machines at the U in the Computer Science building. I didn't recall that before this conversation.