Monday, February 19, 2007

Extra Special

55th post. Time for the extra-special all navel-gazing entry.

This blog is like Babylon 5.

At least, like it was intended to be. The show (for those who haven't seen it) consisted of several long story arcs, which were made up of individual episodes that stood on their own but played in to the greater story. This bigger story wasn't necessarily apparent when the episode first aired.

Individual blog entries here are like the episodes of B5. Each stands alone, but the overall 'story' becomes apparent when all are examined together. Maybe a greater theme is emphasized by an entry, maybe I'm just goofing around. Learning to tell which is part of the fun of the blog.

Coming up is 'Passions', which is a key 'episode'. Kind of like the first time we see Shadows on B5. The groundwork is already there, thematically. You'll see.

First though, 'Squeek'. I've said it publically, now I'll feel obligated to write it.

You'll also see what this is all about (and I SO want to pull the trigger on this):

Somewhere else


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