Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dave responds to Lee Abrams comments about REO

My brother is a huge XM radio fan. His blog has a link to Lee Abram's log, and while I usually agree with most of what Abrams has to say, the following made me pause:

"if you were in your musically formative years around 1980, and were into the American soundtrack at the time, REO was a band you probably cruised around listening to over and over"

I was, and every time a REO song came on I shuddered (if you do the math from my age you may be thinking 'But you were only 10 years old!' True, but I was an early starter ...) The thing is, REO Speedwagon always seemed, well, boring. I am sure they are all fine people and so on, and repect anyone who has had success at that level, but ... ZZZZZZZZ.

But, your mileage may vary. There are bands like Bon Jovi that, while I'm in no hurry to start buying thier stuff still have left me with fond memories.

Two weekends ago I tuned in to American Top 40 on XM 8. I was excited that it was from 1982.

Apparently I have blocked how much of the top 40 from that era I just plain don't care for. I absolutely *love* some of it, but then we have REO or Little River Band and it just leaves me cold.

Play some Blondie or Berlin or Human League (for instance) however ...

Makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud.

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Jason said...

REO Speedwagon is a good band.....

For me to poop on.

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