Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chili peppers again

Stumbled across a post on a report in Science (2/15/2007) about evidence of the use of Chili pepper 6100 years ago in Ecudor! This would be big news without anything else being involved, but here is the kicker: they are domestic, rather than wild varieties. This is important, because it implies 1) agricultural sophistication and 2) probable trade, since peppers don't grow wild in the region. Doesn't really apply to my questions about chili in Asian cuisines (I think I've traced that to trade with the Portegeuse now, at least for Vietnam) but is still really interesting.

I'm sure some folks who know me are wondering if I watched Family Guy tonight and if I have any comments (MS was used as a plot point). I did and I do. But not right now.

Some day my blog will have something to say about this.

Sorry, yesterday you got a freebie. Todays pop culture reference is up to you to decode.

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