Friday, February 9, 2007

Satan was a lesbian

I was shopping for t-shirts yesterday. It all started when I came across anti-valentines designs at Cafe Press. I enjoy valentine's day when I'm in a relationship. Serves as a good excuse to get all mushy romantic. I have never gone the 'buy what we make for you' route. Just seems impersonal and counter to the sentiment of the day, at least the non-commercial part. Even still, many of the anti-valentine designs are pretty humorous. My favorite: 'Valentines make me poop'. No, I don't understand it either. But it made me laugh.

From there I got the idea that I had to find band shirts. Looked for groups like Devo and Human League - yes, I am old school. One site had nice Chuck Berry designs. Hey, I think, know what would be cool? Jerry Lee Lewis.

Couldn't find any Jerry Lee designs that I liked. But this did set me on a path looking at vintage art on t-shirts.

I'm a fan of pulp art. Especially retro futurism, but that isn't what I was looking at this time. The suggestive cover art on dime novels was on the menu last night. And I came across this:

Dangit, imagesaren't uploading. Imagine thecover of the 1966 paperback Satan Was A Lesbian is here. Go to StrangeSisters to see it. While you're at it, waste time at RetroCrush.

Now, I don't claim any expertise on same-sex relationships. But I can't helpbut thinking whoever came up with that title doesn't get the same-sex idea.

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