Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Love and rockets

One piece of advice I've seen for blogging is "make it timeless". In general that is what I try for here, intending posts to have relevance whether read today or next year. This post is a little different. Today's big news story is just so ... deliciously bizarre I can't help but comment. Plus, the topic gives me a chance to make a gratuitous comics reference in the title (Love and Rockets - one of my faves. Shame on you if you thought the title was a reference to the group that rose from the remains of Bahaus).

By now chances are you've probably heard of the astronaut love triangle between Lisa Nowak/Colleen Shipman/Bill Oefelein. In some respects this is a standard love triangle, with one party (Nowak) seeing another (Shipman) as a rival for the affection of a third (Oelefin). Nowak traveled from Houston to Orlando to scare Shipman into a conversation. Two things raise this story above ordinary:

1) These folks are astronauts. Thus the title.


2) To prevent having to stop during her trip to Orlando, Nowak wore ... diapers.

No big overarching point here. It is fun to see highly educated, intelligent people (pretty much required of astronauts) act less than rationally. Gives the rest of us hope.

And ain't it funny what love (or infatuation) can do to a person?


Since writing thiis, Nowak has been charged with attempted murder. Not quite as funny as it once was.

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