Friday, February 2, 2007

Curried mock duck

My single favorite dish is curried mock duck. So, being on a food history kick lately, I thought I'd look into this dish's history.

Apparently I've picked another difficult-to-research topic to get interested in. So far, I've only found one restaraunt outside Minnesota that has the dish I'm thinking about. This restaraunt isi n Chicago. Still Midwest, which strengthens my suspicion that curried mock duck is a 'restaraunt' dish rather than a traditional prepration. Also strengthening my gut feeling is that although there are certainly Vietnamese restaraunts outside Minnesota, expatriats of my home state complain about not finding this dish, which is common in these parts

'But wait', you may say, 'there are restaraunts with this dish in their online menus from NY, LA and so on.' Yes, but look closely at the descriptions. In these locations 'mock duck' is soy based. Around here, it is seitan (wheat gluten).

Definatly need more research on this before I can really feel like I'm getting a grasp on the question.

Tommorrow tune in for a very special blog entry.

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