Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dave and the Purple Finch OR Want some cheese with that?

Yesterday there were two birds raising a ruckus in the lot where I parked at work.

Well, it is the season when birds tend to get noisy (breeding season, ya know). No big surprise there. I didn't recognize the vocalizations, so decided I needed a visual ID.

I had trouble seeing the fine detail I would need to make a positive ID. I don't know if my trouble was related to having MS (visual problems are fairly common with the disease), but certainly felt like it was. The natural tenency is to blame MS for anything not quite right.

I'm pretty certain I was looking at a pair of Purple Finches. But not being able to make a positive ID was very frustrating.

Folks tend to underestimate the effect of little annoyances like that. The big things (like having to use a walker) are, well, BIG. Easier just to accept them. The little things, though, seem like they'd be easier to have more control over. Because they seem like they should be easy, it is stressful when they aren't. For example, the most difficult thing I do on a daily basis is put on/take off my socks. Sometimes I get so frustrated I have to just sit for a while and calm down.

By now you're probably wondering what that is about cheese up in the title. It is part of a joke. "Would you like some cheese with that whine?" Yeah, I'm whineing. Oh poor me and stuff. I'm a regular country song. Now if only I had a dog, and my dog stole my car ...

But better to whine a little about stuff that really doesn't matter than waste energy fretting over the big stuff.

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