Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daytona dissonance

Almost two months ago I watched the Daytona 500. This is the first race of the NASCAR season, and we got TWO special musical performances instead of the usual one during the pre-race. Both left me with a dissonent feeling that things just weren't right.

First up was Some Pop Country Guy. Sorry, but I didn't care enough to remember his name. What struck me about Some Pop Country Guy was how he stood while he sang. He hit a distinctive stance with one foot up on a stage monitor. I've seen that stance before. The singer was Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden. Was Some Country Pop Guy doing this intentionally? Was he trying to evoke Dickenson even though their respective styles are miles apart?

Second was American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Typical overproduced top-40, but the guitar bridge in one of the songs sounded familiar. One section the guitars were front and center, unobscured by any other instrument. At this point I figured out why the bridge sounded familiar - it was pretty much the main riff from Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Whoa. In a top-40 pop type song. Does not compute. Smoke is coming from my ears and everything.

Daytona was, as I said, a while before this post. In general I am behind on life. For example, I just read Years Best Fantasy 2001.


You Lose tomorrow.

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