Sunday, April 1, 2007

Somewhere else

The scene is the same small laboratory room we have seen before. This time the roof is open and a sleek silver rocket stands in the center of the room. Loud explosive noises can be heard over the scientist's muttering.

"Almost over now." BOOM! "Almost gone ... But your ressurection! It will live on as my greatest achievment." BOOM! "You came from ... out there. Time to go back.Proof that this world was here ..." BOOM!

The scientist shuffles off towards a small room attached to the laboratory. A rush of noise, and the room fills with flame

The scientist returns to the now empty room. He smiles.

The scene is now above a planet very like our own. As patches of red erupt on the surface pieces of crust are flung in to cold space.

They are accompanied by the shock wave of the explosion. And by a tiny silver ship, heading home.


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