Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Widget tales

Often I find the overuse of widgets on web pages annoying. This is often a situation compounded by extremely poor graphic design. So I thought I should give everyone a look 'behind the widgets' at some of the stuff I do see fit to junk this blog up with ....


A good way to get to know a person is by the stuff they look at that they think you should take a peek at as well. The link list hereis very much a work in progress, and maybe a little misleading (I got on a sports kick...). It does however point at some of the things I'm interested in, so it at least somewhat fulfills its purpose.


I think it is genetic. My grandmother never really went anywhere but still watched the weather on the evening news religiously. I go places, which just adds to my need to know what the weather will be like. For some reason this winter I've felt that stronger than ever. I was checking out and saw the weather thingy ....


At one time I was going to use 'Dave holds up a magazine pointing to a photgraph taken early/mid 60s of a bikini-clad woman playing a Telecaster guitar' but the other day at work a fortunate accident produced the photo I'm acctually using. Here is the original:

OK, here is not the photo. Why can't I get images to upload? Anyway, the portion with me was totally incedental. Not intentional at all.
OK, this works from elsewhere. Here we try again:

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