Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tired today (another benefit of having MS), so just odds and ends ....

The most recent issue of insideMS is illustrated with 3 super hero-type characters ... one with a mask remeniscent of Elongated Man (why did he even bother, given his gimmick was EVERYBODY KNEW HIS IDENTITY?) or Green Lantern, who reminds me of Liberty Belle, one who looks just like the female version of Judomaster, and one who is sort of a generic type - with a spitcurl just like Superman. If you aren't familiar with some of those heros don't be ashamed, unless one you are not familiar with is Superman. That's sort of basic cultural knowlege.

News reports on the Virginia Tech massacre led me to believe the writing the killer did in his major courses was vile and disturbing. AOL news has posted two of his plays online. What is disturbing about them is that a senior in English produced work so poorly written. If I was in a class and we workshopped them I would have difficulty finding much good to say. As far as disturbing content, they are far from pleasent but I have read MUCH more disturbing work. Life ain't all sunshine and lollypops, folks.

Not at all to trivialize events, though. From the news I was lead to believe reading his writing might shed some light on WHY. Nope.

The Minnesota chapter of the National MS Society is sponsoring a talk on humor and MS. I may go to that. Seeing the funny side certainly helps me cope.


You Lose in two days.

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