Saturday, April 14, 2007

If you struggle, you will get baked goods

The grocery store I usually shop at has a very not flat parking lot. There are loads of little hills and valleys that you don't really notice.

Unless, that is, you have questionable walking skills to begin with.

The exit of the store is particularly challenging. Between the door and the actual lot the ground is at a fairly steep angle - at least a 5 or 10 % grade. Trying to control a shopping cart going down that is always an adventure. Most trips I don't even bother and don't purchase more than I can carry without a cart. Forget about a 6 pack of pop or something equally akward.

The other day I must have really wanted that 6 pack, because I gave using a cart a go. Of course this lead to a struggle to keep said cart under control while trying to get my groceries to my car. A couple saw me struggling and offered to help.

I'm not very good at accepting charity (it makes me very uncomfortable to do so), but from a practical standpoint I could use a little assistance, so I said sure. The woman in the couple pushed the cart for me. "I'm putting a little something extra in your groceries." she said. I said she didn't have to feel obligated, but she insisted, so "Thanks" I said. I figured she was leaving me a loaf of bread or something.

And she did. As a start.

When I unpacked my groceries, I found I had been given that loaf of bread ... and a bag of minicroissants, a bag of dinner rolls, a dozen donuts, and two 3-packs of muffins.

Yikes. That's a lot of food.

The thing I like about this story (other than the muffins .... mmmmm ... muffins) is that I'm not sure why 'guy having trouble walking' adds up to 'give guy donuts', but it made her feel good to do so, and she did so in a way that left my dignity intact. Win-win situation.

I like when those happen.


You Lose in six days.

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Kenny Scott said...

I'm not sure why 'guy having trouble walking' adds up to 'give guy donuts'

- that made me laugh. I'm waiting on a diagnosis at the moment so I hope, when I'm having similar walking issues in the future, I can see the funny side of things like that too.