Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Catharsis/Why customer service sometimes stinks

Had a less than perfect call at work today. The catharsis bit is that when I got off the phone I thought 'I'm gonna blog on this'. Made it feel better somehow.

A bit of background: I work as a rep in an inbound call center. Though I never would have predicted it, I seem to do an OK job. For the last few months I've dealt exclusively with internal sales, but for at least the next few weeks am also taking calls from external customers. Wanta bad experience? Here are some simple things you can do to guarantee that:

1) Call when you have limited time. Things always go faster when you say 'This can only take X minutes'. And while you're at it make sure to ask what is taking so long every few minutes. Make sure to start asking this early.

2) Don't prepare in any way. The person on the other end will tell you what you want.

3) Make wild assumptions. If the person on the other end seems to be having trouble enunciating, it isn't because they have a neurological disorder exacerbated by 1 and 2. They must be drunk.

4) During the holidays and you left getting a gift untill the last minute? Take out out your frustrations on the person trying to assist you. After all, it must be their fault. Somehow.

Follow these four simple rules and you too can guarantee a frustrating experience for you AND the representative

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