Thursday, December 28, 2006

Everything falls apart

With a title like "Everything Falls Apart", you the reader are probably expecting a 'big picture' type post about how my life is a shambles and something happened that drove the point home. Nope. Sorry. This entry is about my toilet.

The seat is kept on the toilet by two bolts. Check it out at Home Depot or something if this point is unclear. One of these bolts is gone. Not fell off on to the floor, or rusted out, just gone. Where did it go? Great mystery of the universe there. No, I don't have time to contemplete the meaning of existence or whatever. I'm burning THAT mental energy trying to figure out what is happening to my toilet.

At the same time the handle fell off my refridgerator, I lost a syringe in my bedroom (see earlier entry), and my car picked up a nail and got a flat. Other things too, I'm sure. If there is a larger point to all this it would have to be how bloody difficult having impaired mobility makes this all (MS, remember?) Any of these seemingly simple problems by itself represents a huge amount of energy expendature for me. This is partially what multiple sclerosis does. It makes the mundane difficult. Work-a-day tasks become life-ruining crises.

If ya let em.

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