Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Still moving in. I'm happier with the font used in the text and have added some links, so things are moving along. The links should really be in reverse order though. Ah well. Visit 'em in REVERSE order for an experience more akin to my surfing habits.

So, questions. I never really addressed WHY blogging. Simple, I'm conserving my energy. Recently I've been essaying, which is A LOT of work. Blogging lets me ramble on and rant 'n' rave, without imposing the structural constraints of a more formal essay.

Can you tell I have a background in English (among other things)? Phrases like 'structural constraints' tend to give it away.

But anyway, questions. I had the day off so did a little shopping. Picked up some DVD+Rs for a project I have going (making DVDs of some avis I have. Of a cooking show. This falls under 'because I can, I do.')

As I'm walking through the parking lot a little kid asks his Mom 'why does that man ...' and then I couldn't hear. The upshoot though, is that he wondered why I was using a walker (should have mentioned that I use a walker ... kind of important to the story). His Mom of course hushes him ... my experience has been, though, that children are curious but ultimately more accepting of obvious disability than adults.

Back when I worked in retail we had a 'game night' at the store every Monday. I'd be one of the staff who actually played/taught. The first time I used a cane on game night, one of the regulars had questions.

'What is that for?'

'It helps when I sometimes don't walk so well.'


'Nuff said. I was still the guy who played Yu-Gi-Oh. The curiousity was normal. After that, though, business as usual. That is refreshing. Kids don't know yet how they are 'supposed' to act around disability.

See, that is the upside of blogging. In an essay, I'd need to end with a summary or something. But here, a little more interactive.

Write yer own.

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