Friday, December 29, 2006

Dave reads blogs II

Last time I kept hitting 'next blog' and talked about it, folks were dissappointed I didn't link to any. So this time I do. What with the bad poetry and folks who haven't figured out an international forum like the net is probably not the place to share cutesy little in-jokes with friends, not many blogs worth linking to, truthfully. Here are some that are, though: - a nice personal blog. This lady actually can write and has something interesting to say. - I love these sites. Wish I knew the story behind them. So far I've run into blogs from 3 different Romanians that are very similar, all reading like they were translated electronically. - from one of the Romanian guys, this one deals with a Bucharest football (what my people call soccer) side. - Madonna fanblog. - wrasslin. - vinyl. - birding. In Iraq. - why do we always think 'right' follows the word 'religious'? - nature walking in Singapore. - I had a strong interest in a medical librarian once. Maybe this is her.

And my brother would never forgive me if I failed to mention ...

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