Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dave reads books II: Electric Boogaloo

I just think it is amusing to subtitle sequals Electric Boogaloo.

Should explain my medical disaster. I use an injectionable medicine daily. Last night while I was loading the syringe into the autoinject thingy the plunger came out of the syringe body! Not a disaster yet. When I unscrewed the autoinject thingy the syringe shot out (the autoinjector is spring loaded) and flew across the room. OK, now it is a disaster. I'm still missing a piece. Looked for it this morning without success. Everything went OK this evening, though, thankfully.

Back to books: Their Eyes Were Watching God is a bit of a mixed bag. The style often tends towards plainspoken, which I like. Blocks of dialouge aren't interupted with 'he said' and such. Such interjections are often overused, and really break up the flow of the conversation, but not here. On the downside the dialog is written as it sounds, so you get 'lawdy' instead of 'lordy' for example. I find that distracting when it is used 'in quantity', and Hurston uses it for every line of dialog. The plot itself is keeping my interest, which is a feat for non-genre fiction.

The book was first published in 1937, for those keeping track.

More books later.

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