Friday, December 15, 2006

Manifesto - A Meta-entry

Yeah, I like this profile better. White on black is not necessarily the best color combination from an accessability standpoint (it is far from the worst), but what can you do? I prefer black backgrounds on the web.

Why blog? And with this mish mash of topics? Well, four reasons, really:

1) I like to ramble. Using this forum, I can ramble and the entire world can witness it.

2) People who are interested in what is going on with me can all have a centralized place to look and find out.

3) I sincerly hope that someone gets something positive out of my experience with multiple sclerosis. The pressure to make having that disease THE CENTRAL part of your life is intense. I hope to provide an example of a life definately effected by it, but not defined by it.

4) If I introduce one person to the wonderful world of comics my life will have been worthwhile. Well, I want to have more of an impact on others than that, but that is an important goal for me.

As far as other lifestyle/political choices go: threat by example.

Coming soon: Dave reads blogs, Dave reads books 3, and Geek power.

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