Saturday, December 23, 2006

Giant squid

Footage was recently released of the capture of a Giant Squid by Japanese 'researchers'. The footage is, I believe, some of the first footage of a living giant squid. What we know of the species is mostly from dead ones washed up on beaches.

When I saw the story I thought this is A Cool Thing. I still think that. One of the news reports I looked at allowed folks to post comments. Many of the comments concerned Japanese whaling. YES, I oppose whaling. YES, the argument that is being made that this footage somehow translates into greater estimates for Sperm Whale populations is laughable. YES, it is Not A Good Thing that the squid was killed in the process of the capture.

But, darn it people, perspective. The story here was footage of a live (at least at first) Giant Squid. It felt like a kid being told there was no Tooth Fairy.

When exactly did so many lose their sense of wonder?

(Those of you who know me well know exactly how much I would agree with concerns about things such as killing in the name of 'research'. I'm having the same reaction here as I do to many 'fanciers'.)

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