Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dave watches movies

Wow. Two posts in one day. Don't get used to it.

I never really mentioned the entire reason I went shopping today. I haven't purchased a DVD in months. So today I figured to change that.

Intended to pick up Clerks II and Superman Returns. Didn't have the first, the second cost more than I wanted to spend. Ended up getting the Rockin' Rydell version of Grease, and Clueless. I already have copies of both (Grease on DVD, but in the original no-extras release, and Clueless on VHS). Grease I saw in its original release and have seen 100+ times since (a few movies have that distinction - I tend to watch things over and over if I like 'em). Clueless ... well, ya gotta love a movie that starts with 'Kids In America' over the opening credits. One of the best songs of the 80s, and I was there. Plus, it is based on Emma, and it is hard to go wrong with Austen.

One little nitpick (MPAA, hope you're listening): If I have legally purchased a DVD, I shouldn't have to destroy the case it is in to get at it! Don't treat me like a criminal by default. And while you're at it MPAA, we need better movies. Not that an industry association could really control that.

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