Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dave fall down go boom

Actually Dave fall down go [profanity muttered under breath], [more profanity], thunk, ouch, [yet more muttered profanity].

It has been a few months since I've fallen without an obvious reason like slipping or something. It is pretty scary looking when I do, but like Chevy Chase doing his Ford impression (hey, timely referance!) I know how to fall, so usually don't get hurt. Thus the having time to curse about it. There is a time where I know I'm gonna fall but haven't actually yet. I usually fill this time with profanity.

I say usually don't get hurt. Sprained my arm (landed on it funny), which isn't life threatening but dang annoying. Already (just 2 days) it is to the point of just being sore.

On the blog front here, I am now counting hits with Google Analytics. Interesting, although I don't really understand the numbers yet. Plus, with only a few days data, I'm not really looking at a good sample anyway.

I should say: to my German reader Wie gehts?, to Swedish readers whatever 'Hey howsitgoin' is in Swedish, Brits and Yanks hey howsitgoin. Special greets to the few using Linux. Total World Domination is within our reach.

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