Monday, December 18, 2006

Dave reads blogs

The other day I amused myself hitting the 'next blog' button on the nav bar. Kind of fun seeing what is out there.

1) A blog dedicated to bringing pedophile priests to justice. Scary reading.

2) Brooke Hogan's (Hulk's daughter) blog. It was cool to just run across it, but I have to say, Brooke ... CONTENT.

3) Plenty of Italian blogs. Lots of other languages, too, including one in Russian and two in German. Those were fun for me because I was able to understand at least some of each (speak/read both languages. Poorly) None in Japanese, which kind of surprised me. Like I said, though, lots of Italian.

4) Only ONE food blog. At least it dealt with a cuisine (Indian) that I am familiar with. Heh. Like Indian is a single cuisine.

5) Quite a few that showcased photos, ranging from bikini models to some guy's backyard.

6) I'm MORE than willing to give folks who use English as a second language leeway. Judging from some of the blogs I read, those folks often write better than native speakers.

7) Came across one blog in particular which made ... interesting ... use of the language. Read like something originally written in a non-English language, and then run through Babelfish.

8) Lots of poetry. Lots.

In general, many things I am sure interest someone. Someone else.

But still, oddly fascinating.

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